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Truck Accident Attorney

Greenville attorney Wayne Patterson is a former police office and the former owner of a trucking company with extensive experience in DOT and CDL related trucking violations. He is a graduate of N. C. State University with a BS in Civil Engineering, a Cum Laude graduate of the Charleston School of Law and has over 45 years of experience in the business and legal professions.

Wayne provides caring and compassionate service to the Greenville, Spartanburg, Laurens and Pickens South Carolina communities.

Wayne Patterson
10 Century Dr. Suite B
Greenville, SC 29607

Call 864-270-7973

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Greenville Auto Accident Attorney

Greenville Personal Injury Attorney Andrea B. Williams 28 Gatling Avenue Greenville, SC 29605  864-299-6555

Greenville Personal Injury Attorney Andrea B. Williams
28 Gatling Avenue
Greenville, SC 29605


Andrea is a Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of South Carolina School of Law, a former Assistant Attorney for the City of Greenville, a former Assistant Solicitor for the County of Greenville and has tried over 2500 jury trials, both civil and criminal. Andrea handles personal injury and worker's compensation claims.

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Each of the above attorneys offers a free consultation if you have a personal injury claim. In most serious injury claims, hiring an attorney is your only choice if you want to recover reasonable compensation for your damages. Insurance companies routinely deny accident claims even when their insured was obviously at fault, such as a rear end car crash, and even when you have significant personal injuries. 



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Should You Call One of Those XXXX Numbers

The decision on what attorney to retain for your auto accident claim is not an easy one. In South Carolina, we are bombarded by television ad after television ad trumpeting huge settlement awards this attorney or that attorney has received for his or her former clients. What you may not notice is the small print that such awards are BEFORE attorney fees and COSTS.  Many of these ads also claim that you will "receive your money fast". The truth is that it is unlikely that a particular attorney can get your money faster than any other attorney, that is unless you are willing to settle for less than what your personal injury claim is worth. Insurance companies do not like to just pay out claims and it can often take several years to settle or have a trial. What they also may not tell you is they may be a "referral" service and will transfer your personal injury case to another legal firm for a split of the attorney fee. Your claim is highly personal to you and you have a right to expect it to be highly personal to your attorney. Before you retain an attorney for any legal issue, you need to do your homework. Meet with the attorney and find out if he or she is the one that will be personally handling your case. If you call or email, how quickly will they respond? Will they negotiate their fee? Will they negotiate on your behalf with any medical providers in order to get a reduction in the bills you will have to pay out of your claim?